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Are Your Current Marketing & Advertising Services Aligned?

BlinkJar Media is a marketing firm focused on producing results for our clients through unique connectivity and strategies. Our goal is to focus on your company by getting inside the "jars" of the mind of your consumers.

Our understanding of the customer experience is based on an extensive array of advertising and marketing knowledge and awareness. We use this information to develop compelling, focused, and creative campaigns that will ultimately convert leads and produce results.

The services provided by BlinkJar Media focus on our ability to create a symphony between your traditional advertising strategies (television, radio, print, etc.) and your Inbound Marketing Efforts (blogging, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, Lead Conversion, Analytics, etc.).

The most successful companies are those who find a balance between their investment in traditional media and inbound marketing. Unfortunately, most organizations hire two separate firms to carry out the management of each of the respective categories. The most successful marketing and advertising campaigns are the ones that have a consistent message across all mediums. When your marketing and advertising is handled by separate agencies, it is nearly impossible to maintain this consistency. More importantly, it is extremely difficult to measure the results accurately.

BlinkJar Media believes your marketing and advertising should sync together like a perfect symphony. Our goal is to manage and measure all of your efforts in one place.  There is a considerable amount of hard work that goes into this process, but it certainly helps make the life of the business owner much easier. It simply makes the entire marketing process EASIER.