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Does Your Current Marketing Need Some Juice?


What is the current creative strategy for your company?

A compelling idea is the impetus of a successful advertising and marketing campaign.  Without this spark, the rest of the process in media planning and placement is irrelevant and moot. Some companies are brilliant at creating an idea, but fail at execution. Other agencies are far more effective at taking the idea and implementing the strategy.  Our team thrives on creating an idea from scratch and bringing it to life through a well-executed media gameplan.

The creative strategy may be the single most important component of the entire media plan, as it paints the picture of how a product or service applies to the target audience.  Prompting viewers to act on the message in the creative idea is the ultimate goal of our client's campaigns and the focus of our media planner, graphics team, and content strategists.   

At BlinkJar Media, we strive to make use of the media platforms that are best suited to our clients messaging needs.  If an advertising campaign necessitates vivid use of compelling imagery, color, and visual action cues, our recommendations naturally utilize print, radio, mail, online display, and outdoor.  On the other hand, if the creative strategy of a campaign requires associative music or client jingles, emphatic and time-sensitivecommunications, and/or local media celebrities, a focused placement in radio or television would be the obvious choice. 

Successful creative campaigns push out the appropriate message and place it in front of the right people.  Does your creative currently need an overhaul?  Does your advertising and marketing lack originality and creativity? Complete the form in the right hand column for a complimentary analysis of your current creative and advertising efforts.