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Baton Rouge Marketing Firm Touts Benefits of Youtube

YouTube-logo-full_color.jpgOne of the things I love about working in inbound marketing is how often I participate on the receiving end of the message without even knowing it. In radio or TV, when a commercial comes on, you know a commercial is coming on. That’s not to say the message of that commercial is lost because you know it’s a commercial; but rather, it’s saying that there is an understood relationship between buyer and seller that establishes, “you have three minutes or so to sell me something, then it’s back to me enjoying my show.” With Inbound it’s different because the message isn’t interrupting something the consumer is doing, but instead, is something that is sought out by the user.

I had four different occasions over the past weekend where I was a consumer of inbound and didn’t even think about it until I got to work Monday Morning. All four instances involved me looking up directions on how to do something on Youtube. Once the weekend was over I realized, if your business isn’t on Youtube, you’re missing out a chance to wow a potential customer. You are missing a critical window in the Zero Moment Of Truth that would allow you to establish yourself and your brand as an authority on what is being searched.

Admittedly, it was a busy, and somewhat calamitous weekend, but I want to walk you through it to paint a better picture of the benefits of Youtube, how Youtube made me the hero of the weekend, and Youtube can be a game changer for your business.

Let’s start with Friday night. My wife tells me that our younger daughter is invited to a play date with a group from her class. She says all the parents are bringing something to eat or drink and we have dessert. Not wanting to go to the grocery store, I looked around the pantry to see what we had on hand. Cake icing and sprinkles. I go to the freezer and find a tube of cookie dough. My wife then tells me, “that’s perfect!” I’m thinking, “uh-oh. She’s got that Kitchen Macgyver look.” But then she explains that she saw someone on her facebook post a video about making funfetti nacho sugar cookies. So, I pull Youtube and search. Here is what I found:


We attempted to make the cookie nachos. They didn’t exactly come out the way we planned, but my wife and I both now “like” Spoon University on Facebook so we can see more cool videos like that

The following morning, we go to the play date. Of course we bring the epic fail cookie nachos. (It’s a bunch of three year-olds. They’re not demanding.) After the play date, as everyone is leaving the park, the car gives us some trouble starting. We get it home and I try to start it again and it won’t turn over. I know the battery has plenty of power. It was replaced just a few weeks ago. So, I go right back to Youtube to see if I can get a diagnosis and if this is something I can handle on my own:

Fortunately, with the help of my Brother-in-law, we get the job done. That night, as my daughters are getting ready for bed, they turn on the faucet to brush their teeth. I notice that there is a significant amount of water leaking from the cold water knob and once the water is off, it continues to drip. We live in an older house, so we have been replacing things consistently since we moved in. Plumbing has never been my forte so guess where I turn? Yup! Right back to Youtube.

I check the clock and realize Home Depot is open for another hour and a half. I knock that project out before the night is over.

The following morning while getting dressed and turning on her closet light, my older daughter somehow yanks the cord right out of the fixture. This is when I look at my wife and ask, “Do you remember when weekends were restful?” On the way home from Church I ask my wife to drive. I get on my phone and (I think you already know where I’m headed) go to youtube to search for “replacing a pull chain closet light fixture.”


Since CJS Electric is in Tampa, Florida, I guess I’m going back to Home Depot. After I replaced the closet light fixture, the rest of my weekend was a breeze.

Like I said earlier, it didn’t occur to me until after the fact, but I participated in the inbound marketing process at least four times over the weekend. Four different videos were delivered to my Zero Moment of Truth and two of the four converted me into a customer on the spot. One of them has me seeking future content, and the fourth would have my business if they weren’t three states over.

I found some unbelievable statistics. There are over 800 million hours of video on Youtube. If you were to sit down and start watching right now, it would take you 93 thousand years to see everything, and that is if nothing else were ever uploaded. Every minute, 300 hours of video gets added to Youtube. But here is where the statistics start to tell a story to marketers: Every minute, 323 DAYS of video is watched on Youtube via Facebook. The average time spent watching per mobile session is 40 minutes. There are over 1 billion Youtube users, but get this… As of last Novemeber, fewer than ten percent of American small businesses have utilize their own Youtube channel as a marketing tool.

As Google continues to increase the value of video in their search ranking, not to mention just freed up a ton of space on the right hand rail that will likely be repopulated in the future, why would any company not want to utilize this audience as a way to share their content?

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