Media Planning Services

Media Planning & Strategy 


Focused advertising plans are important to your advertising success in this revolutionary world of local advertising. Because of the diverse media experience of our team, we are able to take a comprehensive dive into a business' existing media mix.  Once we complete our analysis, we are able to design a comprehensive marketing and advertising plan called the BlinkJar Blueprint. 

The BlinkJar Blueprint will outline how the advertising message will be delivered to your target audience and will detail the following: media objectives, competitive analysis, target audience evaluation, and recommended media placement.

When planning your media, BlinkJar Media will take an inside-out approach to your marketing and advertising efforts. Unlike most traditional agencies, we have the infastructure in place to analyze the results of your traditional media efforts. With our expertise and tools, we are able to close the loop of your marketing and eliminate the guesswork related to the return on investment for your marketing and advertising investment.

 Do you currently have a media plan in place? If so, are you able to analyze the results and attach a real return on investment to it? If not, you may want to complete the form in the right hand column for a free 30 minute assessment of your current marketing and advertising plan.